Hi, I'm Keith

a Learning Experience Designer and a tech geek based in Toronto, Canada.

My design approach advocates for learner-centric design practices while meeting business needs.

​Digital Learning Strategy | Instructional Design | eLearning | UX Design

I can help with:

Aligning your digital learning strategy to organizational goals. My focus is to keep it measurable and adaptable so that it works now and in the future.

Improving performance for digitally overwhelmed learners. I do this by developing eLearning courses with a mix of instructional design, visual treatment and meaningful interactivity.

Analyzing your current digital learning strategy and finding out if it is delivering the ROE you thought it was delivering to support your Business Strategy.

Empowering learners to use digital learning content when they want, on the device they want, and how they want it. For e.g., a video might not always be right when a one-page guide conveys the same message.

A science-based approach to learning design. The goal is to register measurable change at the end of the intervention. I achieve this by applying a variety of learning models & theories.

Reviewing what shouldn't go into face-to-face learning sessions and what would be better off as eLearning. The end goal of a blended learning strategy is to achieve the overall performance goal, within a defined budget.

Figuring if training can solve your problem. If it can't, I tell you why and what you can do to solve the problem.

Coaching and mentoring sessions for anyone who wants to upskill or move into learning design.