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Type: Desktop eLearning

A Storyline solution:

  • With crisp learning objectives.

  • With varying levels of active & passive interactions.

  • That embraces mediums such as podcasts and video learning.

  • That packs in formative and summative learning checks.

  • A balanced summary section - just like coffee post dinner.

Type: PPT and Motion Graphics

Wondering how do I keep Director's & Vice Presidents engaged while presenting data?

  • C-suite executives often experience death by PowerPoint.

  • I use motion graphics to explain Training goals and plans, Learner engagement data and more.

If the video made you curious, you can download the PPT and figure out how to use motion graphics in PPTs.

Type: UX for Learning Designers

A prototype to help Instructional Designers apply UX principles to their digital learning solutions.

I enjoy learning new skills. UX in ID is a passion project that taught me the principles of UX Design and Human Computer Interaction. This project strengthened my Design Thinking skills too!

Self-directed learning taught me skills w.r.t using Figma and Zeplin for creating prototypes for websites and mobile applications.

Type: Data Visualization

A sample of how I socialize:

  • Business goals for a learning intervention. E.g., Increase sales for water bottles by 3% in the next quarter.

  • Each phase of the ADDIE model without losing the audience with L&D jargon.

  • Learning data by keeping it visually exciting.

Context: The PPT would be presented in person, the infographics file would be shared post presentation.

Introducing a new software to your organization or team?

Guided learning simulations could be one of the ways you could teach learners about the new system.

Do you need to get some engagement and eye balls for something unique you are planning at work.?

Teaser videos do exactly that. I script, direct and help with all stages of video production.

How do you get YouTube like video intros for video learning?

Video nuggets can get boring! I spice them up using stock Camtasia videos and soundtracks. They are easy to put together and garner a lot of attention.